Sunday, November 04, 2007

Victorian Ruffles

My recent spending binges (who am I kidding, more like constant) have left a dent in my bank account, so now I'm trying to hold myself back from whipping out that plastic card that makes pretty things mine (oh, the wonders of that magic little card!). But it's become increasingly difficult as the Christmas (shopping) season approaches and my favorite stores have stocked up on some tantalizing wares. Take J. Crew's color-happy corduroys and cashmeres; I can't help but lust after their basic tissue tees and two-tone satin mary janes. On my wish list is this Victorianesque silk halter, versatile enough to layer or wear alone unbuttoned and unique enough to justify the $88 price tag. Santa, take a hint, in color white please!!! (Highly unlikely though, as they are due to arrive early January - maybe a gift card?)

J. Crew Solid Silk Elizabeth Halter