Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Wardrobe

I've been thinking a lot about how to ease the transition of my wardrobe from summer to fall. Because I live in southern California, there really is no great need for thick coats, scarfs, and other wonderful winter apparel, but it still does get very cold. I haven't been ready to commit to a quality wool coat, but my fleece hoodies aren't really keeping me warm - I have to wear multiple layers underneath and often feel (and look) like an overstuffed doll.

My closet is dominated by casual, summer apparel - tons of tank tops, short-sleeve T-shirts and jeans. Out of my casual attire, I only own ONE long-sleeve shirt. Just ONE. I own several sweaters, only one of which is long-sleeved but it still isn't very warm because it's a thin knit. I have two cardigans, and they're both summer-weight. Clearly, I lack the basics of a fall wardrobe.

For outerwear, I own one university hoodie and one fleece hoodie - these are perfect for when I'm running late to class and don't have time to think about what to wear, but like I wrote earlier they aren't very warm. I also have a checkered trapeze coat from Forever 21, with 3/4-length sleeves (and because I own only one long-sleeved sweater, it's the same sweater that shows past the sleeves most days - and it looks terrible and very sloppy). I purchased the J. Crew Waverly Jacket earlier this year, but it has the look and warmth of a spring jacket. I could possibly pair it with a black or cream turtleneck underneath, for a more chic and weather-appropriate look. There's also a Gap khaki jacket that's belted with epaulets, but I still haven't figured out a way to incoporate it into my wardrobe after four years.

I'm seriously thinking about buying some key pieces from J. Crew, so that I can have the foundation of a great fall wardrobe. In addition to buying more long-sleeved shirts and thick sweaters, I've been eyeing these pieces:

1) Classic Peacoat in white

2) Silk Tricotine Cecelia dress in blue

2) Double-serge pencil skirt in black

This lovely clasp belt from Banana Republic would nicely complement a lot of fall outfits:

and a pair of black gloves, like these from Banana Republic, would look very chic. I still can't pick between hand gloves and elbow-length gloves. Hand gloves have sass, but elbow-length gloves are on-trend and would look great with my 3/4-sleeve coat.

And these are a major splurge, but I can't stop looking at them! They're the perfect tall brown boots for fall!

J. Crew Long Fabienne high-heel boots