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Thursday, February 19, 2009

NY Fashion Week Beauty Looks - No need to wait!

These beauty looks from Nanette Lepore and Tibi are so pretty and perfect for spring and summer. Nanette Lepore's look plays on an already hot trend this past fall of blending gold on eyes, cheeks, and lips for a sexy glow. As for Tibi's look, I love the idea of using pin-curls to attain glamourously wavy hair. The eye make-up is a combination of three colors and is applied in a square shape, which looks fun and modern. Click on the picture for their accompanying beauty tips from WWD!

Nanette Lepore Fall 2009 RTW - "Bohemian Opulence"

Tibi Fall 2009 RTW - "Impossibly Pretty"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Look with a few key pieces - Rodarte

Rodarte's Fall 2009 RTW collection was dominated by these gray bondage boots.

According to style file, Rodarte's signature gowns were a no-show because the designers wanted to make the show "about one silhouette". The blog then brings up the interesting recession-inspired idea that this season could be all about having one look, defined by a few key pieces. I think this idea is really interesting - those few "key pieces" could be something splurge-worthy or maybe in a neutral palette or in a classic shape. Or, maybe these pieces would be current and bring an outfit some fashion-forward direction, like those thigh high bondage boots? Something to mull about...

Pictures from

Eating in the dark? and bouquets arranged by smell?

I was browsing the Zara website when I came across Dans lee Noir?, a restaurant with a truly novel concept - you eat in the dark! Blind waiters lead you to your table, where you can order the Chef's Surprise and identify the dishes solely on your sense of taste and smell. Described as a "truly sensory culinary experience," there are only two locations - the original in Paris and a newer one in London.
Also on the website is a small review of Odorantes, a small flower boutique in Paris that arranges bouquets based on smell unlike the American way of arranging by color. They are best known for their locally grown roses, especially their signature Black Baccara roses, and their bouquets are wrapped in simple black paper for the ultimate chic and romantic gift. Apparently it is a favorite of Sophia Coppola among other American and Parisian stars.

NY Fashion Week Favorites

Some of my favorites so far...

Barbie Runway Show

Koi Suwannagate
This one's my favorite - I love the big hair, the fun pink sunglasses, and the floaty butterflies!

Juicy Couture

Rebecca Taylor

Tracy Reese

Rag & Bone (I think... can someone confirm this?)

Rachel Roy

Pictures from Jezebel, WWD, and newsday

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2009 best describes it as "Dickinsonian". I love the sharp silhouette of the middle one.

Temperley London Fall 2009 RTW

By far, my favorite! The clothes are edgy but still feminine. The first coat is stunning, and the studs are a great detail. And the hair is my beauty inspiration for fall.

Jill Stuart Fall 2009 RTW

The strapless black tiered ruffle dress as well as the white puff-sleeve frock are stunning pieces in themselves. I love this gradual color transition from black to white. Jill Stuart provides great inspiration for girly looks that don't look overdone.

Alexander McQueen, Temperley London, and Jill Stuart runway photos are from

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Boys Over Flowers

This my not be your cup of tea, but I've recently been sucked into the blackhole that is called "Hallyu" for the second or third or bazillionth time. For those of you who are unfamiliar with "Hallyu", it's best you not know until you're well prepared for the consequences. You'll be cooped up in your room, rotting away for days at your computer chair. You may question your taste in television entertainment but not be able to look away. You may witness unspeakable acts of cuteness. You may feel an irrestible impulse to buy a plane ticket to Korea so that you can find yourself a hot man.

For days on end, I have watched episode after episode of "Boys Over Flowers," a Korean drama series based on the popular Japanese manga, obsessing over the love triangle that is Goo Joon Pyo loves Geum Jan Di loves Yoon Ji Hoo. It's kind of like Gossip Girl because it's set in an academy where all the rich kids go, but there's a lot more physical violence (in addition to the expected social cruelty) plus tons of cliche moments/tv tropes/guilty pleasures like makeover transformations (which I personally thought were for the worse), social class differences, Austenian pride vs. prejudice, costume at a non-costume party, that scene from Sandlot where the kid fakes drowning so he can kiss the hot lifeguard. All the good stuff.

And best of all, hot men. Better than that, hot, WELL-DRESSED men. The fashion for men in this show can be kind of out there, but I wish more men would dress like these guys in real life.

So if you have your life a weekend to spare, here's a high-quality, English-subbed video for the first ten minutes of episode 1 (it gets better later in the episode):

Don't say I didn't warn you when you find yourself days later sucked into this series which resembles The Hills with a nine-member girl group, while simultaneously catching up with old episodes of Full House and My Girl.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Madewell Heritage Heel Boots

I was so bogged down by school that I had to postpone writing about the new Madewell boots that I bought - but now that the worst is over, lo and behold!

At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep them. If you've been following my blog, I originally wanted to order the Archive boots, which are flat riding boots. When I tried the heritage heel on in the store, I thought they were gorgeous, too, but would take some serious practice to master the art of walking in heels. But I realized I already own a pair of riding boots (which are sadly too little worn), so I settled on the heeled pair.

And then there was the issue of price. These boots were NOT on sale. I practically died when I saw the receipt. I'm starting to realize my little Madewell obsession is eating my bank account.

(for anyone who's interested, last time I checked this boot in the gray color IS on sale)

But they are sooo worth it. They have a classic look, and the leather is sturdy yet soft. I love the straight lines of the boot, which help elongate the leg. The heel is not too high, perfect for novice heel-wearers like myself. I can see myself wearing these for the next ten years without worrying about whether they're in style or not. My only complaint is that the calf circumference is a bit small, but I have faith it will stretch (like the store sample pairs have).

I want this dress!!!

I can't find this dress anywhere on the Topshop website, but I would order it in a heartbeat if I could! I'm talking about the cute, oversized gingham print dress in that wonderful peachy color, which looks perfect for dancing in fields of daisies and hosting spring picnics with teddy bears.

P.S. Start your day off right with this heart-warmingly funny video from FOTC posted by Chloe.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Work [it]!

This week is probably one of the worst weeks I've had to endure this quarter and possibly throughout my entire college career. I have SO MUCH WORK!!! To give you a little taste of what's to come, I have a midterm, proposal, and presentation due tomorrow (which I have not worked on because I've had other stuff due this week). I have an English paper due Friday! And a quiz TODAY (which I' m sure I will utterly fail since I've had no time to do the reading)! The horror...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Anyone excited for Lily Allen's new CD?

"The Fear" sounds great - plus Lily looks adorable in the video!

Click here to find out where her dress and shoes are from.

How do you wear maxi dressses?

I just bought a gorgeous maxi dress from Max Studio and I was wondering how I can wear it in a casual way. It is a halter shape and has flower appliques over the neckline, in a bright coral shade of cotton-silk. Most people seem to agree that a pair of flat gladiator sandals would tone down the look. While I'm not a huge fan of over-the-top gladiators (the ones with too much going on - you know what I mean), I still like the idea of footwear being Grecian-inspired.

Here is the dress from the website:
So, some of my concerns are:
a) Being a petite girl, should I wear heeled shoes for added height (like wedges) instead of glads?
b) Are gladiator sandals still in this year?
c) Besides footwear, how can I make the dress casual enough for everyday? Or is this maxi doomed to be deemed appropriate only for summer weddings and beach soirees?

Friday, February 06, 2009


THIS is absolutely perfect timing!!! It's like the retail gods are saying, "Go forth, and shop!" Thanks to Amanda, the blogger behind eep! ramblings, I now know that H&M is offering a 20% off coupon on their website. ON ANY ITEM OF YOUR CHOICE! Go to the H&M website and click on the 20% icon at the bottom right corner and print!

Also, while you're checking out her site, eep! ramblings has an amusing post on how to dress like a Madewell employee. Which is only halfway funny for me because I actually WANT to dress like one, haha!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Madewell Striped Drawstring Tee

For any J. Crew Aficionada who wanted to see irl pics of the drawstring tee:

I'm a sucker for stripes, so this was a must buy for me. The fabric has a nice weight to it. It's a bit sheer and has a brushstroke-like texture that kind of reminds me of the ringspun painter tee. But what I liked the most was the seam across the front of it, which reminded me of the seams you'd find on a sewn doll (or maybe Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas) - its a really fun detail!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Why I Can't Wait for H&M Spring 2009

I haven't been to my local H&M in quite a while. It used to be that the closest H&M was at the Beverly Center, and taking the bus there was no easy feat. It seemed like the 305 would NEVER show up at its stop. And one time, while waiting at the bus stop to go home, a homeless guy attacked A. and I. He was peeved that we were sitting at his bus stop, and he threw change at us (which probably means he was SUPER pissed at us) and then walked right into oncoming traffic, spitting at the cars. AT NIGHT. It's a wonder he didn't get hit.

So yeah, my roommate and I don't like to take the bus to the Beverly Center anymore.

But the previews for the new Spring 2009 collection are looking pretty awesome. I'm tempted to brave public transportation once more, for a glimpse of these pieces in real life.

First off, I have to say Coco looks absolutely stunning in her ad campaign. This one inspires me to pull my hair into a side-swept pony tail and pin a pretty, silk flower à la Spanish Rose.

And these are some beautiful pieces as well. That coat! It's so voluminous and dramatic - I wonder if it will work in the streets of L.A. (with the current weather we're having, probably not). Only at H&M would you find this kind of coat at (what I'm expecting to be) an affordable price.

This outfit is really cute and definitely wearable on the streets. There's a lot of geometric, architectural details going on - which is slated to be one of spring's top trends. And the navy blazer grounds the outfit - I can't wait to see this on!

But here's the greatest news - the H&M down at 3rd Street Promenade finally opened (actually in late November - so this is a bit old) and I have yet to check it out. So no longer will I have to trek over on the (40+ minutes long one-way bus ride that NEVER seems to show up) 305, but instead hop on the 1 or 2 toward the beach. YAY!

Barneys Warehouse Sale!!!

What: Barneys New York Annual Warehouse Sale
Where: Santa Monica Airport Hanger (3021 Airport Avenue)
When: Thursday, February 5 til Monday, February 16
Why: Up to 80% off designer shoes, clothes, and accessories!!!

Who's going?

Monday, February 02, 2009

Perfect for a beach vacation!

Perfect for a summer day at the beaches of Santorini (or some other European escape, I'll take anything, really, even a jaunt to Santa Monica ... god, I miss fresh air)...

Krasne Dress from Anthropologie
I love the simple, clean lines of the dress, especially the neckline.

Goddess Sekhmet Suit from Anthropologie
This swimsuit is perfect!!! It looks like it could do wonders for a smaller chested gal, with lots of design details over the bust (plus some light padding).

Pearl Garden Bracelet from J. Crew
This bracelet is gorgeous! Layers of pearls will look trendy yet stay relevant years from now. Layer it with more J. Crew pearl bracelets to make a statement.

I dream of Chloé... I have been eyeing these shoes since they first appeared at Nordstroms on their little pedestal. They are completely way out of my budget, but a girl can dream...
Chloé Wedge Sandals

Camilla Belle (and her eyebrows)

Doesn't Camilla Belle look absolutely stunning in her Alexander McQueen minidress (when does she not?) which she wore to the premiere of Push? She reminds me a lot of a young Elizabeth Taylor. It's a very mature, sexy look.

I love love love Camille's eyebrows. Is that weird to say? They're so dark and thick, yet groomed and they frame her face perfectly - I'm suffering from brow envy. I've always had a weird thing for thick, dark (and GROOMED) brows. Her hair is cute, but it makes her look older than usual (she's 22).

Sunday, February 01, 2009 Muse

Definitely check out for awesome style inspiration! I've just discovered Woori Go, a 28 year-old student from London, who possesses an amazing talent for putting together beautiful outfits (and her mile-long legs don't hurt, either!).

Click on here to see Woori's outfits (whenever they're uploaded again)!

Edit: I checked back on Woori's Lookbook page today, only to find that she had all her pictures removed because they had been used without her permission. Though I haven't been personally contacted by Woori to remove anything (and had her photo credited and linked), I decided to err on the safe side and remove the photo above.