Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Bold Cat Eyes - Can you wear it?

Doll-faced model Lily Cole brings glamour back in Vogue UK's December 2007 issue with diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds! But what had me swooning from the start was Lily's cat-eye look, emboldened by its minimalist palette and captivating to the point where I *almost* rushed to the B&N's sales counter to fork over the $10 bucks (before reasoning that $10 is a bit too much for sudden lust of one editorial and that developing an impulsive buying habit is not on my list of resolutions for 2008). ALTHOUGH an impulsive buying habit would have brought this magazine into my hands in the comfort of my home where I could obsess over it privately... but I digress.

According to the magazine, the make-up artist used a Chanel fine eyeliner brush to apply Dior Style Intense Liquid Liner on the lid.