Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Poppy Collection at Coach

Images from FabSugar
See the full collection at the Coach website.

The new Poppy Collection is full of yummy eye candy - I'm especially digging the new ballet flats, likes these patent ones adorned with bows and also the sleek sequined ones (not pictured). And all the cute wallets, wristlets, and coin purses are adorable - I'd like one of everything, please!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Desert Hills Premium Outlet

This outlet is definitely worth the two hour drive! My roommate and I trekked to Desert Hills last weekend, braving 100+ degree weather, and found designer goods galore at nearly rock-bottom prices. I say "nearly", because you'll still be shelling out mucho dinero for those Prada flats (I admit that I dropped a lot of cash - but I don't regret it!), but there are also tons of great deals at non-high fashion brands like J. Crew and Kate Spade to be found.

The Damage:

A pair of Prada Mary Jane Flats in an iris color

(same style but think purple)

Theory Short Trench Coat in navy blue
Theory Ponte Skinny Black Pants / Leggings(half off!)

(perfect for London and Paris!)

J. Crew Flamenco Beaded Dot Cardigan

J. Crew Gray Tank Top (all tanks were half off in the outlets! I wish I bought more.)
Kate Spade Wellesley Posey Wallet

(great boarskin texture - but in eye-popping yellow)

Coach was the having the best sale that weekend - almost everything in the store was 50% off already sale prices PLUS they were handing out coupons for an additional 20% off your entire purchase! These included items from the latest Bonnie Cashin collection! Ladies were scooping up one, two, even three bags of the same style!

Monday, June 22, 2009

True Blood

Anyone excited for True Blood Season 2? I recently got into watching this show, and now I'm hooked. For all you "fangbangers" and vamp groupies, here are some promos and fun videos to watch.

If you haven't heard of True Blood, here's a little sampler to get you started.

(There's a version of this without Alan Ball's commentary that I like much more, but it doesn't embed properly and I can't find any other sources. If you'd like to see it, visit this link and play the video "A Taste of True Blood: Season 1".

I absolutely love the opening credits for the show - the song is addictive.

Check out BloodCopy for a recently turned vampire's account of how humans and vampires can "learn to coexist". It's chock full of fun goodies for True Blood fans, with written posts about recent events in Bon Temps plus videos of everything vampire-related. I enjoyed watching episodes of "The Perspective", a vampire news show.

And there's the American Vampire League headed by Nan Flanagan, that blonde lady that's always in the news fighting for vampire rights.

On the flip side, check out the Fellowship of the Sun's Reflections of Light show for their anti-vampire propaganda.

Learn about the city of Bon Temps at their website here.

And finally, a sneak peek at what's to come for Season 2.

P.S. Has anyone tried LoveBitten? HBO has taken some really unique approaches toward promoting the show...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I adore: Pin-up Swimwear

Like this Vargas halter swimsuit from Rachel Pally, sold at Anthropologie.com