Monday, December 29, 2008

This keeps popping into my head...

... every time I go shopping. I love everything about Gucci's Fall collection - heavy embellishments, a dark palette, traditional patterns, and old world touches. There is heavy influence from Russian textiles, as seen in the velvet pants, silky tops, and jackets embroidered with gold thread. Several fur pieces pop up here and there.

To achieve an inspired look, I would stick to a color palette of black and gold, with muted purple, blue, or gray accents. Look for black skinny pants to tuck into black boots, and wear a billowy, printed silk top or an embellished sweater with dolman sleeves to offset the fitted bottom. Layer ornate belts and necklaces. Invest in a pair of studded or fringed shoes. To make a statement, go over-the-knee or go velvet or fur.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stock up on...

I buy my basic tees and tanks from J. Crew because I know the color won't fade and they will last many wears and washes. Plus, the colors are too-die-for!

I recently stopped by my local b&m to check out the sale section, and I saw stacks of the ringspun scoopneck painter tees on sale for about $25. I picked up two tees to try on, and I loved the fit and the fabric! The scoopneck is not too low, the sleeves are 3/4 length, and the fabric is slightly sheer and has a brushstroke-like texture (true to its name, and my favorite part about the shirt). Since I live in So Cal, it's perfect to wear now and will carry me on to spring, too.

If these get further marked down, I may just have to stock up!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Icon Lost

Pin-up star and pop culture icon Bettie Page died Thursday at the age of 85.

I've always been fascinated with Bettie Page, and I love her iconic hairstyle, especially after seeing my organic chemistry professor last year rock an amazing Bettie Page haircut. She'd always walk in with a pencil skirt, collared shirt, heels, and dark-rimmed glasses. Very naughty secretary. OR I guess it's naughty professor.

Wonder if I could rock this cut? Unlike most people, I actually love getting drastically different haircuts. Never cried over lost locks. Sure, I've had bad haircuts, but I get over it. I absolutely love bangs, but they're not very flattering on me. Still, when I see a cut or style I like, I get pretty stubborn about it.

Friday, December 12, 2008

great stocking stuffers and gift-giving ideas

1. Holiday cookies from look super sweet and good to eat! These rolled holiday cookies are festively fun and make great homemade gifts. Make them for your best friends, your neighbor, for dessert after Christmas dinner! I love how Martha packaged them in little white boxes nestled in shredded parchment paper, covered the boxes in cellophane, and tied the ends with ribbons.

2. J. Crew's perfect fit flower tanks are perfectly priced at $19.50 (and save even more with all the promo codes going on) and come in really cute colors. I have the avocado and I love how it looks.

3. I've always wanted a bottle of Chanel nail polish. $20 a pop, they're the gift I'd never buy for myself but I'd love to receive.

4. The most expensive gift on this list, but totally worth it. Costs $28.99 on and is a boxed set containing five of Audrey Hepburn's classics. What girl doesn't love Audrey?

saw this on a mannequin

and thought it looked fantastic! It inspired me to start looking for men's shirts to layer underneath cardigans.

Unfortunately, the cardigans I have from J. Crew are very fitted/tight in the sleeves, so I can't layer it with anything but a tank top. So size up, people!

all J. Crew

how to wear: J. Crew silk dupioni skirt

Some different ways to wear a silk skirt...

+ sequin cardigan + tank top + metallic strappy heels =

party perfect!

+ oversized comfy sweater + slipper socks + steaming mug of chocolaty goodness =

warm n' cozy!

+ tissue turtleneck + layered necklaces + fantastic handbag =

city chic!

+ cardigan + tee + mohair scarf + jeweled heels =

flirty and fun!

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smythe waist coat

i wish this was instock...