Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday - Taking Back What's Ours!

Remember Saturdays as a kid? Watching Saturday morning cartoons til your brain hurt, getting a sugar rush from all those sweets, playing with the neighborhood kids - that's what Saturdays used to be made of.

Why should kids have all the fun?

Today, my roommate and I managed to have a fun-filled Saturday that was reminiscent of those childhood memories - even though we really didn't aim for that, it somehow happened. I guess life's simplest pleasures can also be its sweetest.

It started with lunch with a friend - homemade tamales! YUM! But first, we've got to bring dessert! Hence, a trip to Saffron & Rose Ice Cream to pick up a pint. At the recommendation of my roommate, I sampled the rose water-pistachio-saffron flavor and the cucumber flavor, and both did not disappoint!

And after lunch, I decided I wanted to take some pictures of our outfits at the park and maybe start a blog look book of our outfits - and maybe in a few months or so, we'll be able to see how our style has transformed! So here's to the first post of our outfits!

My Outfit:
striped cardigan - Madewell
striped tunic - Madewell (which I had bought last post)
black skirt - American Apparel
beaded necklace - Promod (bought in France)
black leather backpack - Gap

My Friend's Outfit (I'll call her A):
white shawl - Guess
yellow tiered dress - blu heaven
white sandals - Mila Paoli
silver cross - from her grandmother in Russia
coral purse - Franco Sarto

In place of Saturday morning cartoons, we watched an onslaught of addictive TLC shows - 17 Kids and Counting and (one of my favorites!) Jon & Kate Plus 8. Kate's looking more strung out than ever in her new home.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to Madewell... and my ban goes down the hole

I went to Madewell last night to look at the spring collection, and some of the pieces had arrived at the store. I didn't see any fringe bags, new print scarves, sandals, or the Kenmare boots, but I did see the Endless Summer blouse in different colors, the Maypole blouse, and the Watercolor Peony Top among other things that I can't quite remember. There may or may not be fringe scarves... curse my terrible memory!!!

All in all, everything was very cute. But I had been expecting to see a lot more in-person. I ended up buying a very cute striped shirt, tunic-length with a seam down the middle and a drawstring at the bottom hem. The seam down the middle reminded me of a sewn doll - so cute (I really should find a new adjective)!

The sale section was small and lackluster - most everything is the same, besides the addition of some new pants, and at the same prices as before (right after winter break).

Til next,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Broke the Ban!

My roommate and I went to the mall because we wanted to pick up some free beauty products, but both department stores were completely out! So, instead we went shopping! And, sadly, I did break my short-lived ban for a pair of Joe's Jeans that were on sale at Bloomingdale's ($90 is a steal for Joe's Jeans, right???). They're my first pair of designer jeans, and they fit like a dream. Now, I can't stop thinking about my next pair of designer jeans (they do say, regarding jeans, once you go designer, you can't go back!).

We stopped by Madewell where my obsession for those Archive leather boots resurged in full force. They didn't have my size, so I'm seriously tempted to order them over the phone. There are several new items in the store since winter break - like a pair of buttery soft, flat leather boots that come in gray and nude/camel shades (they remind me of Loeffler Randall boots). If you go to the store, you MUST try them on, they practically mold to your legs and are so lightweight!

AND the SA said their new spring collection will be arriving on Monday, so I will definitely be coming back!

P.S. Has anyone noticed the new Madewell Spring collection lookbook is now online? I really loved the old one, and this new lookbook is not as inspiring.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Glove Love

I still can't believe the deal I got on these gloves from J. Crew (they were bought during winter break, not during my ban). They were only $12 each!

Stuck on Repeat: Mamma Mia!

My roommate and I restarted our Netflix subscription and got our first DVD of the year - Mamma Mia! It's full of surprises - casting choices, discovering actors that have singing chops (some questionable), and ridiculously funny costumes on the leading men. I've never really listened to ABBA songs before, maybe only knowing Dancing Queen, but now I'm a rabid fan and have all the songs stuck in my head!!!

This video plays one of my favorite scenes from the film - too bad it's not a complete version.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Before I start living out of a cardboard box...

In an effort to curb my spending, I've decided not to buy anything I don't need until I get a job. I know, shouldn't I have a job already! It really should be the other way around - job -> money -> shopping. I've been living on a student budget, and somehow I've been able to afford niceties while making $0 income!!! It must have something to do with my shrinking savings that I'd accumulated all throughout high school...

So no Madewell Leather Archive boots! No J. Crew Jersey Lomellina bandeau halter bikini! No more late night runs to Red Mango for yummy fro-yo with mochi and strawberries!


There should be exceptions, though. Like, a sale clause, for when those boots get drastically reduced in price. Just in case.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Cat's Meow

I can accurately recall the start of my 1950's obsession, way way back in 9th grade, when I asked one of my best friends to buy me a pair of cat eye sunglasses for my birthday (which I sadly did not receive). When I declared, without hesitation, that the 50's were my favorite decade. And when, for Halloween, I proudly roamed my neighborhood wearing a homemade light blue poodle skirt.

Now, I'm not so sure. Dazed by the color-happy, mod 1960's, wandered into the bohemian spirited 1970's, fallen in love with the bratty 1980's, dabbled in the roaring 1920's, and seduced by classic Hollywood films of the 30's and 40's - I can't call any specific decade "home", I love them all so.

Though I'm glad I didn't end up buying those black and white costume saddle shoes that I planned to wear to school, I'm still sighing for those cat eye sunglasses, even after all these years.

Among all the designer cat eye sunglasses I've seen, I really like these Luella Cats Eye Sunglasses in the tortoiseshell color - but they've been sold out for quite a while. I wish I had discovered them sooner. The only colors left that I could find were blue, white, and pink - not exactly versatile colors. Oh sunglasses, why do you elude me so?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Heathcliff can wait...

Before I trudge off to another English class, I had to share these amazing sunglasses from Linda Farrow (which are sadly sold out online).Remember those thick black frames? They were last seen on the runway of the Luella Spring 2008 show, the very ones I had been lusting over a year ago.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Madewell's Spring Lookbook

I'm taking a break from reading A Midsummer Night's Dream for an English class to ogle Madewell 1937's newly updated site, which now features the spring collection! Hurray! The look book is a fantastic source for inspiration, and all the clothes are so wonderfully styled that I can't pick a favorite - I love them all! Also, did anyone notice that the prices for boots are much more affordable?

Some of the standout pieces for me were the Archive Leather boots (which look super cute with striped socks peeking out) and the assortment of colorful, patterned scarves (like the printed cotton crinkle scarf). I love the pared down color palette of neutrals like white, black, and gray with playful pops of yellow.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Totally in love with...

Coco Rocha! She's a terrific model, her face has so much character, and she seems like a sweetheart in real life! I absolutely love the funny videos she posts with her best friend Behati Prinsloo. And now I obsessively check her blog for new posts, since finding out that she's a blogger thanks to the The Clothes Horse.

Monday, January 05, 2009

I want to be St. Germain des Pres chic

and wear a gorgy beret! I love berets but I can't seem to find any with a bit of structure, like the ones below on models walking the Sonia Rykiel S/S 09 runway show. I also love how all the models have poofy, crimped hair that sort of ethereally billows out from underneath those hats. And how they jauntily wear those berets to the side.

Images from the Fashion Spot