Monday, January 19, 2009

The Cat's Meow

I can accurately recall the start of my 1950's obsession, way way back in 9th grade, when I asked one of my best friends to buy me a pair of cat eye sunglasses for my birthday (which I sadly did not receive). When I declared, without hesitation, that the 50's were my favorite decade. And when, for Halloween, I proudly roamed my neighborhood wearing a homemade light blue poodle skirt.

Now, I'm not so sure. Dazed by the color-happy, mod 1960's, wandered into the bohemian spirited 1970's, fallen in love with the bratty 1980's, dabbled in the roaring 1920's, and seduced by classic Hollywood films of the 30's and 40's - I can't call any specific decade "home", I love them all so.

Though I'm glad I didn't end up buying those black and white costume saddle shoes that I planned to wear to school, I'm still sighing for those cat eye sunglasses, even after all these years.

Among all the designer cat eye sunglasses I've seen, I really like these Luella Cats Eye Sunglasses in the tortoiseshell color - but they've been sold out for quite a while. I wish I had discovered them sooner. The only colors left that I could find were blue, white, and pink - not exactly versatile colors. Oh sunglasses, why do you elude me so?

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