Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Before I start living out of a cardboard box...

In an effort to curb my spending, I've decided not to buy anything I don't need until I get a job. I know, shouldn't I have a job already! It really should be the other way around - job -> money -> shopping. I've been living on a student budget, and somehow I've been able to afford niceties while making $0 income!!! It must have something to do with my shrinking savings that I'd accumulated all throughout high school...

So no Madewell Leather Archive boots! No J. Crew Jersey Lomellina bandeau halter bikini! No more late night runs to Red Mango for yummy fro-yo with mochi and strawberries!


There should be exceptions, though. Like, a sale clause, for when those boots get drastically reduced in price. Just in case.

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