Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday - Taking Back What's Ours!

Remember Saturdays as a kid? Watching Saturday morning cartoons til your brain hurt, getting a sugar rush from all those sweets, playing with the neighborhood kids - that's what Saturdays used to be made of.

Why should kids have all the fun?

Today, my roommate and I managed to have a fun-filled Saturday that was reminiscent of those childhood memories - even though we really didn't aim for that, it somehow happened. I guess life's simplest pleasures can also be its sweetest.

It started with lunch with a friend - homemade tamales! YUM! But first, we've got to bring dessert! Hence, a trip to Saffron & Rose Ice Cream to pick up a pint. At the recommendation of my roommate, I sampled the rose water-pistachio-saffron flavor and the cucumber flavor, and both did not disappoint!

And after lunch, I decided I wanted to take some pictures of our outfits at the park and maybe start a blog look book of our outfits - and maybe in a few months or so, we'll be able to see how our style has transformed! So here's to the first post of our outfits!

My Outfit:
striped cardigan - Madewell
striped tunic - Madewell (which I had bought last post)
black skirt - American Apparel
beaded necklace - Promod (bought in France)
black leather backpack - Gap

My Friend's Outfit (I'll call her A):
white shawl - Guess
yellow tiered dress - blu heaven
white sandals - Mila Paoli
silver cross - from her grandmother in Russia
coral purse - Franco Sarto

In place of Saturday morning cartoons, we watched an onslaught of addictive TLC shows - 17 Kids and Counting and (one of my favorites!) Jon & Kate Plus 8. Kate's looking more strung out than ever in her new home.



Pakcola said...

When I saw your pic for Rose&Saffron Ice cream I was like Hey I know that place! So good!

And I love the store Promod! Awww...europe shopping memories...

Christina said...

My parents went to Paris two years ago and bought me that necklace, among other cute things, so I have yet to visit Promod myself (sadly). I'm extremely hopeful for my own europe trip this summer, though!