Sunday, January 25, 2009

Broke the Ban!

My roommate and I went to the mall because we wanted to pick up some free beauty products, but both department stores were completely out! So, instead we went shopping! And, sadly, I did break my short-lived ban for a pair of Joe's Jeans that were on sale at Bloomingdale's ($90 is a steal for Joe's Jeans, right???). They're my first pair of designer jeans, and they fit like a dream. Now, I can't stop thinking about my next pair of designer jeans (they do say, regarding jeans, once you go designer, you can't go back!).

We stopped by Madewell where my obsession for those Archive leather boots resurged in full force. They didn't have my size, so I'm seriously tempted to order them over the phone. There are several new items in the store since winter break - like a pair of buttery soft, flat leather boots that come in gray and nude/camel shades (they remind me of Loeffler Randall boots). If you go to the store, you MUST try them on, they practically mold to your legs and are so lightweight!

AND the SA said their new spring collection will be arriving on Monday, so I will definitely be coming back!

P.S. Has anyone noticed the new Madewell Spring collection lookbook is now online? I really loved the old one, and this new lookbook is not as inspiring.


♥ Chloe said...

Congrats! I love my Joes. And yes- once you go to designer denim it is so hard to go back. The only non-designer denim I wear are the GAP Favorite trousers, because they have a cute little shape (and come in petite/short lengths which work well with flats- no hemming required!). A good pair of denim will last you forever and always looks great. What style did you get?

Christina said...

Hi Chloe! I bought the Provocateur in the Beatrice wash - I'd been dying to try a pair of Joe's Jeans specifically for this style, which caters toward petite girls - and the length is a bit long but will look perfect with heels. I will definitely try the GAP Fav Trousers the next time I'm at the mall - thanks for the rec!