Monday, December 07, 2009

Sonia Rykiel for H&M

If you've been following my blog, then you probably know how much I love Sonia Rykiel and how excited I was about the H&M + Sonia Rykiel collaboration. Well, early Saturday morning my friend and I drove out to the nearest H&M that hosted the lingerie collection, which for me was at South Coast Plaza, to stake out these long-awaited arrivals.

I wasn't sure how much buzz Sonia Rykiel would receive here in the States, certainly not on the level of Jimmy Choo, but the reaction in the blogosphere had generally been positive to the sneak peeks. So we came at opening hour and found the collection fully stocked in most sizes with no lines. I guess this is because unlike the Jimmy Choo collection, which was stocked in very few select stores, the Sonia Rykiel collection is stocked at every H&M that sells underwear and I believe it will continue to be restocked periodically, and therefore it is not technically "limited" in the sense that Jimmy Choo was.

For my frame, I didn't dare try on any of the corsets, teddies, or bras with underwire, though these are the pieces I'm sure will be more popular. Instead, I bought the striped night slip with three matching panties and a black silk robe.

And I'm especially excited about the spring knitwear collection, esp this red and black striped set. The bow is really cute!

Image found at TFS