Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ten Essentials

Everytime I go shopping, I have a mental list of what I need, but I end up taking home things I want. Hence, buyer's remorse and the quick fix-it of returns. So, I'm making a list of the ten essentials I need for this spring.
  1. A little black dress - I can't believe I don't have one. A no-brainer!
  2. Athletic sneakers - I'm planning to take tennis lessons next quarter, and I'm looking for a clean-looking pair.
  3. Undergarments - I'm very flat-chested, so it's difficult (and expensive) to find bras.
  4. Straight leg jeans - Great for tucking into my boots. The tricky part here is finding one for my petite frame.
  5. Summer sandals - After having worn flip flops for the past few years, I'm a little tired of them. I'm looking for something more chic.
  6. Sunglasses - I have a great (and expensive) pair of sunglasses that my parents bought me years ago, but sadly I've rarely worn them. Call it a change of heart. Can't return them, so I'll probably sell them online.
  7. Casual collared button-up shirts - I love these! I'm looking for cotton shirts with a classic look about them like pinstripes and small patterns.
  8. A suit - Almost time to enter the workforce! Suits are expensive, so I need to be super picky about this one. Right now, I'm digging slim silhouettes.
  9. A leather handbag - Another big splurge item, I'll need to save up.
  10. Sweats - Every CA girl seems to own sweats AND wear them everyday. Not that I want to wear them out, but I'd like a pair to just lounge around at home.
I guess part of the problem is that I'm extremely picky about the things I need. I want them to be quality and timeless and affordable. And then I go off and do something stupid like shell $20-somethings for disposable trend at Forever 21. I need to prioritize.

Spring Inspiration - MAC Naughty Nauticals

I can't wait for the Naughty Nauticals make-up collection from MAC, which you can find out more from the blog For the Love of Beauty. I don't own much make-up, but the few eyeshadow and lip products do I own from MAC are my favorites. I'm enamored by the red lipstick on the model.

Both photos from For the Love of Beauty

When this hits the states, I definitely plan on stopping by and picking up this lipstick, called Port Red. It reminds me of a pin-up girl, very classic and sexy.