Sunday, February 08, 2009

How do you wear maxi dressses?

I just bought a gorgeous maxi dress from Max Studio and I was wondering how I can wear it in a casual way. It is a halter shape and has flower appliques over the neckline, in a bright coral shade of cotton-silk. Most people seem to agree that a pair of flat gladiator sandals would tone down the look. While I'm not a huge fan of over-the-top gladiators (the ones with too much going on - you know what I mean), I still like the idea of footwear being Grecian-inspired.

Here is the dress from the website:
So, some of my concerns are:
a) Being a petite girl, should I wear heeled shoes for added height (like wedges) instead of glads?
b) Are gladiator sandals still in this year?
c) Besides footwear, how can I make the dress casual enough for everyday? Or is this maxi doomed to be deemed appropriate only for summer weddings and beach soirees?


Sarah Klassen said...

I think a beautiful pair of heeled gladiators would do the trick...I would go for a very neutral pair. I'm thinking for style, along the lines of this:

I hope this is helpful :)

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

I´m in love with maxi dresses,too ;)
I love to wear them with little cropped cardigans,gladiator sandals always rock ;)

Your pink dress is awesome!

I´m searching for a white antique lace maxi dress by cavalli. it´s unfortunately semi sheer with all the lace but i cannot resist... ;)

Christina said...

Sarah - thanks for the link! Those shoes are "fierce"!!!