Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Why I Can't Wait for H&M Spring 2009

I haven't been to my local H&M in quite a while. It used to be that the closest H&M was at the Beverly Center, and taking the bus there was no easy feat. It seemed like the 305 would NEVER show up at its stop. And one time, while waiting at the bus stop to go home, a homeless guy attacked A. and I. He was peeved that we were sitting at his bus stop, and he threw change at us (which probably means he was SUPER pissed at us) and then walked right into oncoming traffic, spitting at the cars. AT NIGHT. It's a wonder he didn't get hit.

So yeah, my roommate and I don't like to take the bus to the Beverly Center anymore.

But the previews for the new Spring 2009 collection are looking pretty awesome. I'm tempted to brave public transportation once more, for a glimpse of these pieces in real life.

First off, I have to say Coco looks absolutely stunning in her ad campaign. This one inspires me to pull my hair into a side-swept pony tail and pin a pretty, silk flower à la Spanish Rose.

And these are some beautiful pieces as well. That coat! It's so voluminous and dramatic - I wonder if it will work in the streets of L.A. (with the current weather we're having, probably not). Only at H&M would you find this kind of coat at (what I'm expecting to be) an affordable price.

This outfit is really cute and definitely wearable on the streets. There's a lot of geometric, architectural details going on - which is slated to be one of spring's top trends. And the navy blazer grounds the outfit - I can't wait to see this on!

But here's the greatest news - the H&M down at 3rd Street Promenade finally opened (actually in late November - so this is a bit old) and I have yet to check it out. So no longer will I have to trek over on the (40+ minutes long one-way bus ride that NEVER seems to show up) 305, but instead hop on the 1 or 2 toward the beach. YAY!


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love love love the jacket! If you like this jacket, check out this link: http://www.hazelclothes.com/
I recently bought a beautiful, detailed, dress-like trench from them and was pleased with the quality and price~

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coco... so lovely

nice blog!