Friday, February 13, 2009

Madewell Heritage Heel Boots

I was so bogged down by school that I had to postpone writing about the new Madewell boots that I bought - but now that the worst is over, lo and behold!

At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep them. If you've been following my blog, I originally wanted to order the Archive boots, which are flat riding boots. When I tried the heritage heel on in the store, I thought they were gorgeous, too, but would take some serious practice to master the art of walking in heels. But I realized I already own a pair of riding boots (which are sadly too little worn), so I settled on the heeled pair.

And then there was the issue of price. These boots were NOT on sale. I practically died when I saw the receipt. I'm starting to realize my little Madewell obsession is eating my bank account.

(for anyone who's interested, last time I checked this boot in the gray color IS on sale)

But they are sooo worth it. They have a classic look, and the leather is sturdy yet soft. I love the straight lines of the boot, which help elongate the leg. The heel is not too high, perfect for novice heel-wearers like myself. I can see myself wearing these for the next ten years without worrying about whether they're in style or not. My only complaint is that the calf circumference is a bit small, but I have faith it will stretch (like the store sample pairs have).


eeps. said...

well at least you got them for 15% off right? i hope you used the student discount!

i love madewell's boots but i cannot deal with their prices.

Christina said...

Yup, I did use the discount, but I can't help feeling that if I had waited maybe another two months, these boots might be on sale - but if I did wait, the weather would be too hot to wear em so I bit the bullet