Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eating in the dark? and bouquets arranged by smell?

I was browsing the Zara website when I came across Dans lee Noir?, a restaurant with a truly novel concept - you eat in the dark! Blind waiters lead you to your table, where you can order the Chef's Surprise and identify the dishes solely on your sense of taste and smell. Described as a "truly sensory culinary experience," there are only two locations - the original in Paris and a newer one in London.
Also on the website is a small review of Odorantes, a small flower boutique in Paris that arranges bouquets based on smell unlike the American way of arranging by color. They are best known for their locally grown roses, especially their signature Black Baccara roses, and their bouquets are wrapped in simple black paper for the ultimate chic and romantic gift. Apparently it is a favorite of Sophia Coppola among other American and Parisian stars.

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limegreen_lover said...

Both concepts are super cool- I love seeing where the restaurant industry is going. I have seen articles on restaurants in the sky, underwater, in ice castles, and now restaurants in the dark!