Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Canada: Day 2 Granville Market

The second day in Canada was spent exploring the city of Vancouver. After picking up the missing GPS from the airport, we drove to Granville Island first.

Granville Island is very small and easily missed on the map. Getting there seemed like a mess of winds and turns, so we were thankful to have our GPS. The island's warehouses house art supply shops, galleries, small specialty stores (like an umbrella shop), and a public market. I loved Pike Place Market in Seattle, so I was especially excited to visit another public market. Comparing the two, Granville's market has a more open, accessible layout (due to being in a warehouse). However, Pike Place presents itself more nicely and more "commercial"-ly than Granville. The memories of Pike Place's vibrant flower stalls and charismatic fish market are more alive than my impression of Granville.

From the harbor there is a great view of the city.

The fam went to the Granville Island Brewing Company to get a taste of the local beers.

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