Thursday, September 11, 2008

Canada: Day 5 From Jasper to Banff / Athabasca Falls

After spending the night at Hinton, we explored more of Jasper's sights.


Athabasca Falls is one of my favorite locations within the two parks because the views of the waterfall are gorgeous. The water flows out into a lake, where puffs of foam float (I was told that this foam contains contaminants, but they're still pretty to look at). Interesting to note is all of the warning signs posted: if you fall in, you will die because the water is extremely cold and you will have hypothermia within minutes.

Juxtapose the powerful energy of the waterfalls with the serenity of the lake:

View from the lake of Athabasca Falls - one of my favorite shots, the milky glacier water looks ethereal.

A short 15 sec clip of Athabasca Falls

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