Thursday, April 09, 2009

Polly in Niagara

Jean Peters was stunningly beautiful as Polly Cutler in the 1953 film noir Niagara. While Marilyn Monroe snagged top billing as the buxom blonde and femme fatale (and deservedly so), she was the perfect foil to Peters' naivety and girlish looks. In the film, Polly Cutler sported some very cute hairstyles that I thought would be adorable to wear this spring and summer. Her look is very 1950's casual, with her hair pulled back and styled into some kind of loose bun, adorned with a ribbon or scarf.

There's a bit of tricky styling in the back, which unfortunately is hard to discern due to the blurriness of the screen captures. At first, I thought they were french braided pigtails, but the close-up looks more like a section of hair twisted and pinned.

To get the complete Polly Cutler look, pair this hairstyle with an outfit that's casual and all-American girl-next-door, one that's perfect for a day of suntanning/boatriding/surviving the treacherous Niagara Falls. My favorite outfit of her's was the nautical-themed outfit she wore for boating - a navy blue collared, sleeveless crop top, high-waisted white shorts, black low-top sneakers, and a blue scarf in her hair.


Sarah Klassen said...

Love the look! I can't wait for the weather to clear up so I can try it out~

eep! said...

oh. my. god. i love that hair!

Lmac said...

I like the look! It says innocent!