Tuesday, May 05, 2009

blogger's block

Lately I've been suffering from a case of blogger's block - not so much feeling uninspired, but more so feeling like the little details that have been inspiring me lately aren't substantial enough to be written in blog post form. And fleeting, too. Add in a little bit of laziness (ha), and that explains why I haven't been posting lately.

I have been surfing the blogosphere, though, more frequently than I ought, and must urge all of you to check out the newest Chanel No.5 Ad with Audrey Tautou at Haute Design, which is otherwordly romantic and features my favorite French actrice! And then hop on over to Lorick and the brand's beautifully designed website and feel inspired by everything français!

UPDATE: For the full-version of the Chanel No.5 Ad, click here. And for interviews with Audrey and the ad's director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, videos on the story of Chanel No.5 and the making of the set, visit the Chanel website.

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