Sunday, July 19, 2009

I can't wait to step into TOPSHOP!!!

And see all of these amazing goodies from their a/w collection! So excited!

How AMAZING are these faux fur jackets? Esp paired with sequins/paillettes or metallic pieces! They're from the "Marianne" collection, inspired by "vintage glamour meets grunge".

And this entire emsemble is beautifully styled - the shoes!

And these pieces below from the "Horror Girls" collection - key words "Gothic" and "Victorian" - clothes in a state of disrepair

This structured mini is already for sale at the website - but not in this color

Thigh high platform boots for the brave at heart - love how the bottom of the dress is structured

I MUST get my hands on this deconstructed sweater!!!! Great oversize sleeves

This look reminds of Where The Wild Things Are - again another amazing sweater!

Pictures from nitrolicious


coco said...

These look pretty cool.

C said...

agree, it seems it's gonna be amazing.

cool header, i was actually going to use that coco's pic. she looks her.

Sarah Klassen said...


miss a. said...

I'm just hoping that the quality that they show in the lookbook photos doesn't falter once the clothes actually hit the racks... unlike LAST year.

M* said...

wow, wow, wow! Everything's perfect!

phyllis said...

where is topshop? take me with you!

Christina said...

Hi Phyllis! I think the only US Topshop is in New York - but I imagine (and hope to find true) that they're as ubiquitous as Forever 21 or Starbucks over in London. ;o)