Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Spring Wishlist

effeminate versions of menswear-inspired footwear...
like J. Crew's Camden Leather Brogues in Blush Pink, coming Feb 2010

summery 70's platform wedges in nude tones...
like J. Crew's Cleo Platform Sandals in soft graphite

mix and match effortless separates...
like Madewell's chambray workshirt paired with graphic tulip mini

and the "it girl" accessory...
like Mulberry's "Alexa" in nude lambskin

P.S. For anyone interested in the Camden Leather Brogues in Blush Pink, I am told they are available for preorder and will debut sometime in February. I'm dying to get my hands on these, but every time I talk to a sales representative I get different information (ex. one told me it would be store only, another said that the brogues will never come out in Blush Pink), but the majority opinion is that it will be available and you can preorder it. Also, check out this cute skirt:

J. Crew Whisper Chambray Tiered Skirt

Another item that will be out in February, and you can also preorder it. It is item 23368 and costs $138. It is adorable!


Sarah Klassen said...

Loving these new pieces! Such great things -- my spring wish list is growing by the day :)


Sarah Klassen said...

Also, when you have a moments, email me at:

I want to email you some cheese info.
I have a great site as a guide that I will pass on to you, with another link or two :)