Friday, November 06, 2009

A Photographic Diary of My Trip: Roussillon

After the wine tasting, I toured several picturesque villages. The first stop, Roussillon, was my absolute favorite! There used to be a thriving industry there for natural pigment paints (before synthetics became popular) because the soil has this striking ochre color, and the entire town is awash in lovely hues of ochre.

A sweeping vista of the Provence countryside - and my pants from Parisian brand Naf Naf! They were fun to wear around France and Morocco, but a little too unusual for casual Socal.

I love the little details...

And you can find yummy and unusual flavors of gelato here, like lavender (which was okay in my opinion, great to try but I wouldn't order it twice - now orange, on the other hand... *drool*)

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