Friday, June 27, 2008

Où est J. Crew?

I love to speak French. Mais je parle un peu français. Très peu. And having only taken one class of French, my impressive vocabulary can be summed up in this video:

"Foux Da Fa Fa" by Flight of the Conchords

which apparently is enough to pick up French chicks, go shopping at the supermarket, and tandem-bike in the park. Besides being completely enamored by Bret and Jemaine, I also love the color-happy 1960's costumes

which I felt could be recreated with J. Crew's menswear. Here we go...

Solid vintage oxford shirt in grapefruit
Secret wash button-down shirt in microstripe in light dahliah

Secret Wash white-collar shirt in banker stripe in oxford pink
Cotton-cashmere crewneck sweater in provencial blue
Broken-in chino sneakers in ivory

Thacher-stripe ribbed cardigan
Vintage slim fit garment-dyed denim

I may have cheated in that last one... but that umbrella was just too cute! Its from girl's Crewcuts.

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Lee said...

Haha I love FoTC. Who knew they go so well with J. Crew =)

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