Sunday, June 29, 2008

Poupée de cire

"Poupée de cire, poupée de son" by France Gall

FOTC's "Foux Da Fa Fa" led me on a search to discover what exactly Scopitones were. And that opened a treasure box full of wonderful old gems, little 3-minute musical time capsules. I absolutely adore when this happens. There's something about vintage and oldies and history that makes me happy. Since TCM's Oscar Month, I've been addicted to that channel. Everytime I heard that piano music they played with the montage of Oscar film clips, I got emotional. But admit it: so did you. And when I'm in Los Angeles, my radio happily nestles down at K-EARTH 101.

"Pourquoi pas moi" by Mareva Galanter

I went onto YouTube for more Scopitones and found Mareva Galanter's Scopitone-inspired music videos. It was her version of Laisse tomber les filles that got me thinking "I've heard this song before... and I like it!" But who sang the original? And that's when I found France Gall. I've heard of Françoise Hardy. I've seen the word "Yé-yé" thrown around, but never really took the time to figure out what it was. I've even listened to a few Serge Gainsbourg tunes. But what really inspired me to figure the whole thing out was Gall's off-kilter, captivating voice and her look: youthful innocence and that blonde bob.

"Baby Pop" by France Gall

Laisse tomber les filles" by France Gall

Oh, how I love the Internet. One things leads to another... it's instant gratification.

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