Monday, June 16, 2008


I've recently taken up surfing. It's exhilarating, frightening, euphoric (the first stage of hypothermia). My friend and I were so excited to try out our newly acquired surfing skills at the local beach, that we rushed into buying wetsuits at the local store so we could catch the morning waves. Not having our sizes in the instructor-recommended 3/2 wetsuits, the salesperson suggested the springsuit. This was a bad idea - after spending two hours in the ocean, my fingers were numb and I was shivering a lot (which Wikipedia tells me is the first stage of hypothermia. I love Wikipeida.). Worst yet - non-returnable.

Lesson learned. Bought a 3/2 wetsuit (at a different store). And some cute Roxy rubber flip-flops (might as well look good eating sand).

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