Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stopped by J. Crew today...

and finally got the Elizabeth halter top in white, but its made from a cotton and silk blend rather than all silk! So its machine washable, which is great because what stopped me from getting it earlier was having to dry clean it. I can't find a link for it on the website, so I guess its from their new collection. I'm already thinking of all the ways I could wear it:

1) with the Market tee or any other crewneck tee like this photo:

2) tucked into a pencil skirt like this photo:

3) this looks pretty cute too

with shorts or fitted pants like skinnies or straights - and dark denim

4) a thicker sweater, with a crewneck neckline, or maybe a printed cardigan

Can't wait!


josie said...

I've been lusting after the ivory color too.... hmmm, knowing it isn't dry clean only might be enough to sway me! :) Did you find it to fit true to size?

Christina said...

Hi Josie,

I find a lot of J. Crew tops and bottoms to be a little too big on me, so I usually go for petite sizing. Since the Elizabeth halter doesn't come in petite, I bought an XS and it is a bit big. I've also read around that other people have found the Elizabeth too large on them, too. When it is fully buttoned, it fits quite nicely on top, but when you style it like the model does with the first few buttons out, the top naturally feels larger and doesn't lie against the skin.

Also the silhouette is very loose and flowy, so it would look best tucked in.

And definitely wear it with a strapless bra, or cover bra straps (which will definitely show) with a cardigan or tee.

Here is a helpful link I've found online: J. Crew Solid Silk Elizabeth Halter--Review

Hope this helps!

josie said...

Thank you! That link was very helpful. I think I will definitely not even bother with the Small and go for an XS. Thanks a bunch!! :)