Monday, March 22, 2010

Anyone else excited for Eat, Pray, Love?

I first heard about this book when I was watching the Bonnie Hunt Show (which is AMAZING, I love Bonnie's sense of humor) and she had Elizabeth Gilbert as her guest, along with Jane Kaczmarkek (Malcolm in the Middle) and The Hills' Kristen Cavallari. The point was to have guests at different ages of their lives come together and discuss Gilbert's book, and I was touched at how much the book had connected with Bonnie and Jane (both are going through or have been through divorces). And they showered it with praise and said it was the kind of book to give to your daughter, a book they wished they had when they were younger. So I decided to give it a go.

Let me tell you, I loved reading this book. It was inspiring, thoughtful, and very well-written. Gilbert is incredibly brave for sharing her story. I was surprised at how spiritual the book came off (I guess the word "pray" should have warned me), but in no way does she come across as preachy or presumptuous. She's new to the whole thing herself and exploring all of it with the reader. I also loved reading about her experiences in exotic locales (I wish I could just pack up and go country-hopping for a year) and her sense of humor.

And now Hollywood is making a movie of the book with Julia Roberts! I can't wait!

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Sarah Klassen said...

Very! I can't wait to see it :)