Monday, March 08, 2010

Yes, I love me a statement coat

Photos from New York Magazine

I always look forward to what creative geniuses Viktor and Rolf have up their sleeves - which in the case of their fall 2010 presentation, were roomy enough to layer over layers, of capes over fur coats over robe-like dresses over bustiers - like a shoplifter's wildest dreams. I can just imagine a Vogue spread inspired by sticky fingers and featuring these clothes (taking place in a high-end department store, littered with bare mannequins, and maybe Winona will make an appearance?).

Another fall show with the beloved oversized coat trend, but this time blown up to avant-garde proportions.

Watch the runway video here.


amy kelinda said...

WOW, those coats are HUGE! I love your idea of a shoplifting-themed editorial - that would be so hilarious and awesome!

phyllis said...