Tuesday, March 09, 2010

More Chiffon Dresses but with a Libertine Twist

John Galliano played with the contrast of heavy and light, pairing chiffon dresses with leather pieces, in his fall collection for Christian Dior. The equestrian theme is obvious, but Galliano also drew inspiration from libertines, specifically Johnny Depp's performance in The Libertine (which I have yet to watch). On first glance, the top hats are reminiscent of Depp's latest role in the movie Alice in Wonderland.

I'm especially keen on the make-up and hair. According to hairstylist Orlando Pita, the hair was inspired by "French romanticism and page boys" with the textured curls and fish braids. The make-up called for a "Libertine's raspberry mouth" and "ochre and burgundy eyes." The lips are heavily pigmented in the center and wash out at the sides, which really does give that look of a "raspberry mouth." The final result was a kind of painted beauty like in an 18th century portrait and as decadent as a libertine's lifestyle.

All photos from style.com

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Sarah Klassen said...

Yes! I adore the second dress...It's so delicate and beautiful...