Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Craving for Books

Lately, I've been wanting to spend my money on books, the kind that inspire with their creativity or their breathtaking pictures, the ones you'd see lined up at a bookshelf in Anthropologie. Literally.

While browsing the Anthropologie website, wistfully adding the Flight-Of-Swans dress in my shopping cart, I got to remembering that I had intended to purchase a few of their new baking cookbooks at the store but decided to wait and buy them for cheaper on Amazon. While on the site, I discovered several other beautiful books, like Sara Midda's pictorial diary of the south of France (which reminds me of my recent trip to Provence) or the French Market cookbook (again, France, maybe this is my way to cope being back home?). So here's my wishlist of books, combining the culinary and visual, a feast for the eyes:

which got me thinking that maybe I should buy the first book first? afterall it was a bestseller

and because I loved the movie so much (one of the authors of the above French cookbooks, Joanne Harris, wrote Chocolat)

I'm more of a baker than a cooker, though (plus who can resist cookies and brownies, esp ORGANIC ones!)

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