Monday, October 19, 2009

A Photographic Diary of My Trip: More Paris

I tried to include all of this in my Paris and Versailles post, but Blogger was being fussy and wouldn't upload my pictures. SO here are the rest of the photos, trying to keep it short and sweet, cause I still have Nice, Avignon, and Morocco to go.

Inside Notre Dame

The Shakespeare and Company bookstore in the Latin Quarter - where young writers work in exchange for a place to stay

My favorite movie of all time was filmed here!!!

Do you see in the gnome? Oh, and they have a fantastic Sunday brunch here.

The Sacré-Cœur - I overheard a tour guide explain that the building was meant to be seen from far away, it's more beautiful that way, and I agree.

Again, my favorite movie in the whole world was filmed there!

And finally, the romantic Pont Neuf

Oh, and I thought I'd include my two cents about Paris fashion - I tried really really hard to figure out what was fashionable in Paris, but this was extremely difficult because I pretty much went to all the touristy places and saw touristy fashion. Not pretty. And maybe I wasn't paying enough attention to people's clothes. The only thing I can say is that Longchamp is VERY BIG here. My friend and I spotted Longchamp bags so often that we made a game out of it. The Longchamp store at the Galeries Lafayette was CRAZY busy.

I even bought two bags - and they have served me well. They are fantastic for day - roomy enough to store everything, and still look dressy enough (maybe) for night.

This bag survived Morocco - that's saying a lot. The other one (it's bigger and purple) survived a freakin' camel trek into the desert.


amy kelinda said...

That bag is gorgeous! I was never a fan of Longchamp bags, but that one definitely is a keeper. The Eiffel print is adorable!

Sarah Klassen said...

Nice! Great pics! That's such a cute bag :)

tres tippy said...

i'm really enjoying all your photos! i love paris and can't wait to go back. i saw your header about wanting to work for a fashion magazine but using your science degree--i am in the exact same boat! lol.

sarah said...

Paris is such an amazing city!

I had a Longchamp before Paris, but bought two more when I was there just because! They are the best bags ever!