Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Photographic Diary of My Trip: Sexiest Man Alive


Yes, I saw JUDE LAW in London! After coming back from Stratford, I got to catch Jude's performance in Hamlet at the Wyndham, and then I came back with an army of friends at night to mob him. Yes, I paparrazied the shit out of him - I'm sure he didn't mind the blinding flash of my camera. I got so close I could have reached out and touched his receding hairline. *sigh* He stayed out for a while to sign autographs.

Also, Rachel McAdam slipped out the back entrance door.

More on London in the next diary post -
I felt Jude deserved his own little post.

EDIT: I have this really cute group photo of my friends and I in front of the rear entrance of the Wyndham that I wanted to share, but I felt torn over whether or not to include it because it shows their faces and I know how iffy people get about having their faces on the internet. Rather than blur their faces (which I think is really creepy), I decided to use Picnik to mask their identities (which I think is more appropriate because it is in the spirit of Halloween, and therefore slightly less creepy)

but I really really wanted to include it, because it shows the Temperley beetle bag I got on Gilt!

and now that I think more about it - covering one eye with with eye patch probably isn't gonna cut it for identity protection, haha - but it was either that or a full-on Jason face mask, which is totally not cute


Sarah Klassen said...

Oh my word! You lucky, lucky lady you :) Thanks for sharing these pics!

tres tippy said...

wow what a celebrity sighting!

thanks for commenting on my blog :) i'm going through yours now--london is my absolute favorite city so your photos are making me reminisce! i also saw that you scored the leifsdottir skirt on guilt fuse. i love it and am on the waiting list for one!

amy kelinda said...

You lucky lady! Are you as excited about the Sherlock Holmes movie as I am? Robert Downey Jr. AND Jude Law? That sounds like a winning combo if you ask me!

And being so close you can touch his receding hairline... hahaha!

Diana Draw said...

He looks tired. Still, lucky you!