Thursday, October 22, 2009

I got my giveaway prizes in the mail today!

So, BIG NEWS! I won Chloe's Blog Anniversary Giveaway about two weeks ago (if you guys aren't already reading Chloe's hilarious commentary on her blog The Chloe Conspiracy, you're definitely missing out) and both packages arrived in the mail today!

This Simply Vera by Vera Wang necklace came wrapped up in cute pink and yellow paper!

CUPCAKES! IN JARS! (I have no idea which one is more exciting - never seen a cupcake in a jar before in my life)
I devoured one right on the spot - it was SO good.

In the spirit of Chloe (and Kitty and Petunia), I decided to include a picture of my furbaby Winnie!

In this rather awkward photo, I was trying to take a photo of my cupcake and my dog scrambled over to beg for a taste (or more like photo op, haha).

Thanks Chloe!

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Cari (Is Not Fashion) said...

that cupcake looks amazing! congrats on winning!